Second, First.

This may not be very impressive to some but for me it was quite a moment. You see we we’re shooting a scene where the actor walks to the window of a restaurant. The camera was on a dolly that moved with the actor as he landed on his mark. I sat on an apple box, eyes glued to the screen, hands slightly trembling and spirit burning with passion with a slight dose of freaking the hell out! And then the director yells action. 

Pulling focus from a shot like that turned out to be terrifying. But after the first take you begin to have fun with it. See it’s never easy to jump into something. I’ve said this before, but I truly believe that the biggest enemy we have is who we are; but you let go of those fears, you let go of the nervous feeling that’s deep in the pit of your stomach… And if you can’t… You use it. Use it to go through that hell, use it as fuel to push through until you reach the end. 

First time for me pulling focus from a dolly shot, won’t be the last. It’s the little victories that let me know that I’m moving forward. Those tiny yes moments that we have is a sign of progress. It leads the “holy f#@king hell I just made it” moment. Those little victories remind you of why you are who you are… You’ve made the right choice when you risked it all. Until tomorrow!!


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