Remember, Remember

I remember when I was 6 I drew a terrible drawing of a fire truck. I told myself that when I was old enough I would be a fire fighter. When I was ten I wanted to be Batman, then I wanted to be a duelist and put trust in my deck to lead me towards victory. Around the same age I wanted to be a Pokemon master. I wanted to catch them all, all 150 Pokemon. That’s right I came from an era when the world only had 150 Pokemon; I won’t start my “when I was your age speech.”

I remember I wanted to be all these imaginary characters and live in these imaginary world’s because growing up I wasn’t really accepted anywhere. I wasn’t cool enough to be with the cool kids and for some reason, I wasn’t even nerdy enough. Apparently I did not know all there is to know about yuguioh and my duelist career ended right then and there. I wasn’t really accepted by my own community as a Latino. I was the outcast. I stayed in my world where anything was possible and wore a mask I’m front of others. Don’t think of this as a sad story. It’s far from it, I promise you.

I realized that I had all these world’s playing in my head. It was and still is this beautiful orchestra that continues to wow me. It’s sometimes difficult to bring forth some of these stories to reality. Reality is sometimes unkind to art. You want to put your soul into everything that you do; to bring forth this dream world so others can dream as well, so they can escape with you into a story significantly different than their own and in doing so they would discover some sort of meaning to who they are or possibly to life. 

But reality is unkind to art. I’ll see you guys tomorrow


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