Distraction 101

All I would need is five or ten minutes to write this post. Although I can guarantee you that I’ll spend five minutes watching what’s on my television, another five playing with Thor, another ten looking through my feed and about one minute to desperately write the first thing that comes to mind and post it as something meaningful.  Most of the messages are quite meaningful and do come from a soul searching experience… for the most part. Though honestly, I just hate the distractions.

I should probably turn off the television. Maybe tell Thor to beat it and probably turn off my phone for the time being as I try to focus on writing something that’s worth reading. All sound like amazing ideas and yet I feel my brain rejection every single one and doubling the time of these magnificent distractions of mine. although these distractions do sound simple; because they are. These are simple distractions with simple solutions.

This isn’t anything like having multiple jobs and being unable to focus on one thing because you have thousands of thoughts running through your head. This isn’t like being responsible for another human life as you try to follow your own dreams. This is like having a dead end job where your soul is nearly lost and not knowing what a distraction is… well it’s the norm in your life.

There are moments in life where I welcome distractions. I need them. My mind is chaos and insanity mixed with kindness and awkward jokes that I tell myself or that Lera pretends to laugh at. At least Thor is honest and never laughs at my jokes. Distractions help me navigate through  it all. I can be to focused on something to a point that I wouldn’t even eat. Having my family with me has changed the way I think. The way I am. My priority is different yet the goal is still the same. The dream is still the same. Although this time I don’t want to reach it alone. Until tomorrow!


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