What a week.


Not really.

It was quite a nice calm week with a sprinkle of chaos here and there. I officially became a citizen. I should be more excited about it, but I just feel like something new is coming my way. Last week was all about clearing my head. finding the road that I’m supposed to be on. Part of me missed the chaos, and part of me was completely okay with the chaos being far far away.

I spent my days with Lera and Thor, watching movies and driving everywhere. A staycation they call it I think. It was a week where I manage to regain my peace of mind and a week of inspiration to do so much more! To unlock the doors that I’ve been afraid to open. Also I just heard Lera tell me, “Thor would be a great dog stripper.” As I look over at Thor’s big eyes I start thinking to myself… she might be right.

I’m going back to my family right now and watch New Girl with tea and pomegranate. I suppose the advice for today is, Sometimes the world can be to chaotic for even the strongest person to handle. Sometimes you need to step away for a moment and examine your own world. Examine your own faults, your troubles and small victories. Sometimes you step away to become stronger. Until tomorrow and Happy to bring new stories.


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