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So it’s technically still Monday! Even though the clock says 11:59 and by the time this goes up it’ll be Tuesday, I’m still on Monday time. I wish I had all the time in the world; but I feel like it would be a terrible idea. I would probably be the laziest man in the world. I would never get anything done and I would most likely spend the time sleeping than actually doing anything productive. I mean I have all the time in the world so chill!

That’s not the case. I think what I’m most afraid of is time. I mean if we take a closer look at it, it technically doesn’t exist. Time is an illusion that has been created as a measuring tool for how fast something dies or the distance to a particular place or its a mental state of mine that we’ve convinced ourselves to have in order to make sense of this crazy world. We can sit and argue about it’s existence but that’s more of a cup of coffee discussion.

Regardless of what you may think of it… Time is definitely our master. It’s not something that we should mess with.  You see there’s not enough hours in the day, not enough days in the week, not enough weeks in a month. We wake up thinking there isn’t enough time. One day you’re a horny 16 year old day dreaming, telling yourself “I’m going to be cool in college that all the ladies will love me” and when college comes you realized you spent all those years in la la land and now you have no game. One day you tell yourself that you’ll only take this job for the money because you want to save up for something and then you realized it’s become your career. It became your entire life. One day you put your trust in someone that you care about and then you realize… That person move on without you.

When we put our lives in a never changing routine, well that’s the same as going into auto pilot. You know you’ll get to the destination, but you rather be in your own world than experience the adventures life puts in your path. You miss out on some rather fascinating moments. Pay attention to what’s around you. Pay attention to those you love and love you back. Be kind to a chaotic world, don’t be part of the chaos.

Time can take away anything from you. eventually it will. So what you with it will decide everything you are. until tomorrow.


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