I’ve noticed that coming up with different things to talk about each day can be quite a challenge. Fortunately for me, something always seems to happen each day that comes up. I’m never short of stories because of it and to be honest I’m quite thankful for that. There’s always an adventure somewhere in your day. You either notice it and smile about it; or you don’t realize that it happened and you carry on with your day. It’s quite fascinating how one choice can make all the difference in our lives.

The image above was during my time traveling Ecuador. I really do miss traveling. This image happened when I decided to go out at night. I was warned not to do so as it was dangerous during the evening. I had my camera out and said “Bring it” I went walking around a town I knew nothing about. I walked down certain allies because it had beautiful buildings and I went down passages with fountains like these. I won’t lie there were eyes around me and at one point I was pretty sure it would’ve been my last night on Earth.

Adventure is what drives me. It’s what excites me. It’s what fuels me to be more creative and more daring. Recently my adventures have been more  grounded. I’ve been working on film projects with different talented people and it’s always a pleasure to see them at work. Though I long for the adventures where my ass is in danger… I’m quite happy with the moments I’m living now.

You see my adventures are those with Lera and our dog. My adventures are with telling stories of how much of an idiot Thor sometimes is and how much we love him. My adventures are those I spend with a film crew; hearing stories of old jobs we’ve shared and seeing into the possibilities of future gigs. Honestly, I’m having fun with these adventures and I’m even more excited for the ones that are about to come.

Let me ask you what is that motivates you each day? What makes you smile, what makes you want to live? What makes want to sacrifice and reach your dreams? Is it love? Is it pain? Is it redemption? What makes you get up int the morning and say… Today I’m going to have a fucking amazing day.  until tomorrow!


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