The Throwback

If I close my eyes I can hear the engines roar. I can hear the wind scream. I can hear the voices of strangers on the plane talking about their plans. I can see the sunset over the horizon; the clouds painting pictures for my entertainment. I can see the blue sky become magic as it lights up my night. I can feel the vibrations of my seat. Most importantly I can feel the excitement in my blood; the fear, the adrenaline. Such freedom it is to be in the sky.  I miss it. I know Lera misses it too.

I’ve been dreaming lately for our next adventure. I’ve been wondering what place I’ll be setting foot on next. I started working towards my goals that I’ve forgotten my love for travel. The adventures it brings. the lessons that are learned. My first trip alone was to Dominican Republic. In my ventures there I realized that we are SO small. I learned that the world is MASSIVE. It’s dangerous, its exciting, it’s boring, it’s precious. It opens your eyes to new ideas, new ways of life that when you come home you ask yourself “why am I giving myself less than I deserve.”

I’m a traveler by heart, but lately I’ve been traveling in my imagination. I think I’m due for another trip. I think I need to make it AMAZING. until tomorrow!


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