Im currently editing three different projects. One is of Lera’s head-shots, this one here is about the wardrobe also I like this one. And the third one is of a trailer of a film I’m not really allowed to speak about. Feels good to be able to work on things I get to be a part of or have created myself. There’s this feeling of progress, as if though I was working towards my crazy dreams. I like this feeling and I want to chase it. 

Then I got into our car and drove to the city. Lera is exhausted from working on the Irish man. I admire her strength so much! But as I’m waiting for her to come out I’m writing some ideas down to shoot. 

Okay listen this is mostly about how liberating it is to be able to think of your own ideas and put them on paper. To start the progress of bringing them to life. It’s freedom of creativity, freedom to be myself, freedom to dream during the day! The responsibilities of live beat your ass to the ground and very few people get back up. Then I realized… Im making excuses. 

I’ve read stories about people with crowded lives who still find the time to do the things they want to do. I’ve heard of stories about people who have nothing and yet come on top. So I find myself asking… What the hell is my excuse? 12 hour gigs? Should that really be an excuse for me not to find a way to get going to the next level? Should that really be a reason for me to stop life while I work to make money to survive? NO! 

Life is full of obstacles. You’re going to be exhausted, stressed, some days the desire of quitting becomes more tempting. Some days you’re going to hate the people you meet and other days you’re grateul for the people who inspire change in you. It’s all the process of what we do to succeed. We fight for our dreams. Until tomorrow.


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