Story Teller

3 in the morning and I’m randomly playing Piano writing a random song that I think is somewhat interesting and then I used to edit this piece for the sole purpose of saying I want to tell stories again. Good times. Fun times.

I’ve been working in the film industry for three years now as a Second Assistant Camera. Three years isn’t a very long time compared to those I’ve worked with who have been in the industry way longer than I have. Somewhere along the line I’ve forgotten why I got into the industry. I want to tell stories. Whether it’s as a cinematographer or as a Director, I want to be able to bring worlds to live. That was always the goal. I think I got to comfortable where I am. I’m not risking anything, I’m not taking chances. I’m comfortable in my AC jobs.

The point of having a dream is having the ability to take risks. you take the leap knowing that you can fail or you can succeed but regardless you take the leap. You take the chance. 3am in the morning and I’m also asking myself… where’s my chance? it eats me up every time I think about it; but why the hell am I thinking about this. Why am I not out there creating these stories I want to tell. Why am I just overthinking this. Grab the camera and go! Here’s to new content coming soon! until tomorrow.


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