I spent the whole day cleaning part of our place. I found dust in the strangest places. I found things I thought I had lost. That’s what it’s like when you wrap a project. You barely see home and home becomes a mess that after you clean it… it feels like a brand new place.  you see the colors on the wall and everything is where it’s supposed to be. You feel more complete.

Then the madness falls. At least for me. There’s a reason a why I like to keep busy. There’s a reason why I enjoy keeping my mind active. Growing up I was always logical about my choices. I chose things based on research and facts and never really made a choice based on emotions. I was always calculating the best method to do things. I was a robot.

I don’t know why I was thinking about that today. Maybe it was because of how much I’ve changed. Some choices can’t be made by researching your days away. Some choices have to be made through a gut feeling. It doesn’t feel wrong. it feels right. It feels like its meant to happen. the choice must be made to push me towards the next step in my life. If you’re consistently weighing your options then your head will always feel crowded. It’ll make your final choice even harder to make. Until Tomorrow 🙂


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