It’s quite a treat when I get to sit down on my chair and type out a post on my fancy keyboard. Usually I’m out on a set sitting on an apple box or the ledge of a window or in the subway when I begin to write about my day. There’s comfort in the little things we sometimes don’t notice. there’s happiness there.

When you’re home… It changes your world. It changes you. Out there you have to be someone different. Even if the majority of the day you’re you, there are still moments when you’re not. I’m a lost man during the day. I never know what to expect. I know I need to do my job and all these things that we have to do as adults, but I can plan out a perfectly detailed schedule, and the schedule would always change. Life likes to be funny like that. I suppose I enjoy the sudden changes. It makes life fun.

You see there are moments that we have to hold on to. Moments that happen when things are scheduled, and when the schedule is thrown out the window. Moments of insanity and moments where sitting on a couch eating a pomegranate is heaven. The project I’m on is coming to an end. I can already feel those few days off. It feels magical. It feels worth it. Comfort, here I come. Until tomorrow!


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