The overnight

I’ve never been a fan of the overnight. Also I’m a fan of the overnight. I’d figure I would write this now while in the middle of the action. If I wait after we wrap, I’ll be exhausted and then I would probably write very mean things about the overnight. Was this the best intro you have ever read? I think… Yes.

So here’s the thing, most of the overnights I’ve been a part of have taken me to some interesting places. Places that I didn’t know exist in such a world. I’m so amazed by it or  maybe I just go into a delusional state where everything becomes better because I’m just too exhausted to pay any attention to reality. Part of me is okay with that. 

I have a feeling that I’ve written this before. I usually check, but at the moment my mind is simply filled with pillows and and pillows. Make the best out of a situation. Im not sure how else to put it. We find ourselves in places that make us ask why. Being upset or frustrated when it happens never helps things get any better. Believe me I’ve been in situations where patience ran so thin. I’m tired today. 

It’s 3 in the morning, last shot is almost up and I feel like I’ve written a confusing mess of a post! At least the picture looks good, I can say that with confidence; but seriously, make the best out of a situation that isn’t feeling it’s best. Whether it’s an overnight, or messing up during the job, through a break up, make the best out of that situation. Learn from it. Grow as a person and become stronger from it. Until tomorrow, for me, it’s still Monday.


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