Setlife 2

I always hear stories of how great a set can be, even the productions that are sometimes questionable. They talk about their futures. There’s a lot of tech talk, we geek out over the latest in cameras (camera team member here). Through all the lovely stories, sometimes you don’t really get to hear the down sides.

You don’t hear about the late hours or the extremely early calls. You don’t hear about the unnecessary down times and people not doing their jobs. You don’t hear the arguments or the frustrations of getting things done. Sometimes feeling helpless because no one listens. Delays happen. Undercut rates, crafty leaves you feeling all kinds of emotions that make your head explode,  people that you work with aren’t as nice as you hoped them to be. 

There’s chaos in filmmaking. There’s madness in the process of art. There’s the unexpected and the predictable. The logical and fantasy. As filmmakers we need insanity. It’s part of us. It’s melted into our souls. It’s how we endure for the sake of the story. 

I get it. Why we tell the sunnyside part of filmmaking. Those are the memories we cherish most. Because the nightmare side of it, we live through, everytime we step on set, but we live through it proudly, because when the product is plays on that bigscreen. All those struggles makes it worth it. So I’ll be like this cool statue. I’ll keep my cool, stand strong, and fight for that story to be born! Until tomorrow


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