Ready for the storm

Advil. Check.

Tissue paper. Check.

Halls candy (I know they’re not candy but I sure eat them like candy). Check.

Will to live. Somewhere there I’m sure I’ll find it. 

I feel a cold coming. I’m coughing, my nose is stuffy, my body aches, I feel it. All I want to do is strap myself to my bed and rest until it’s all healed. Unfortunately I have to work. 

This is one of those moments when I miss being able to call out from work and treating it like a sick day. Indie film making doesn’t have those kind of luxuries. So I pop every halls candy I have, drink all the water in the world, maybe eat some oranges here and there and the occasional trashy food that makes the soul smile and the body frown and live through the hell that’s call the flu. 

I might be acting a little bit dramatic. It’s okay, I hate being sick and will act out like a 12 year old child. Lera will have hate me for that. Fortunately for her she acts the same way when she is sick so it balances out. Though all I’m thinking about is what I’m going to do when I’m better? I think I’m going to go outside and take a deep breath of the cold fall air. Maybe have a burger, probably a milk shake… Life is good.

So I feel like this pills are starting to kick in. Here’s some advice to all. Cherish the little things that make life fun, because when get the flu, that’s lives funny way of saying “not today.” Until tomorrow. 


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