It’s empty in this laundry mat. Just the sounds of the washing machines spinning as the rinse cycle kicks into overtime. I’m sitting there staring at this cycle. I’m thinking to myself, why didn’t I leave the clothes here for someone to wash and then pay them later. I don’t think Lera would approve of that. I smiled at the thought of that. I’m also counting the number of hours I’ll have before having to be back on set again. I’m not smiling at the thought of that. 

It is quiet. I look out the windows of the laundry Matt and it’s dark outside. Very few cars are driving. I’m still thinking about the amount of hours I’ll get of sleep. 

Now something strange is beginning to happen. The streets outside are beginning to morph. The walls around me begin to come closer to me. The washing machines are disintegrating as the walls get closer. The lights flash furiously that I close my eyes. It’s dead silent now. 

I open my eyes and I find myself in a hallway. The walls are filled with pictures of my past, present and some pictures I couldn’t recognize. I assumed that they were from my future. I begin to walk and hear nothing but my feet. I look at one of the photos up close and it’s no longer silent, I hear laughter, happiness, I hear me having a good time when I was younger. I immediately look up at the empty hallway and it’s silent again. I keep moving forward and see all the colors of my life. I approach another image and this time I hear cheering. 

Music begins to play, classical victory music as the crowd cheers for something I did. I was smiling again. But I started noticing that the eyes of the crowd were turning red. Everyone stopped cheering and then simultaneously the crowd open their mouth and this loud screeching noise blasts through my ears. It keeps getting louder and louder until my eyes open. 

It was the washing machine. It was done. I was back in the laundry mat. No one around. Just the beeping of the machine. Some days you won’t fully understand what your mind is trying to tell you. You’ll go as far as saying… What the hell was I thinking. Anyway I think I’ll finish up washing my clothes. Until tomorrow. 


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