Sometimes this is how I see the world. Every morning when I wake up and walk outside I see these colors. I see them before the chaos, before my sanity is tested I see this and think to myself… It’s all going to shit from this point on. 

I ride the train and the colors become less saturated. I walk to set and the colors are now back to normal. I walk to my station and do my job and then… I’m seeing the scene play out. All of a sudden the colors are different again. Things feel new again. There’s something about film sets that always get me pumped.

This second week is tiring and even now with my eyes half closed and my body aching I have just enough energy to sit up and say, love what you do. Love it because thousands of things could’ve interfered. Yet somehow you landed in what you enjoy doing the most and that’s something that doesnt happen to everyone. I’m sleeping now, so until tomorrow. 


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