Mystery man

So this is the look of a very hungry, determined, crazy dog. Right now he’s thinking… That hotdog is looking good. Sometimes I admire this little guy. Everything he does he is determined to get it done. Nothing holds him back. He wants it, he’ll try to get it! 

Sometimes after a 12 hour day its annoying. But we love him. So here’s the thing that’s been bothering me. Some people I’ve met in the past weren’t as determined to go after what they wanted. They were comfortable where they were, even though they were capable of even more. 

I know it shouldn’t bother me, it’s their lives and they live it how ever they want to live it, but why waste that potential? Maybe they don’t want to reach the next level, maybe they are too afraid of what may happen if they put themselves out to the public. I know I was. I thought that maybe no one would really get my videos or my writing. I thought that if I stayed quiet, I wouldn’t bother anyone. 

Clearly I think differently now. There’s no point in hiding if you’re an artist. What we do as actors, cinematographers, directors, well as creative people is something we cannot hold within. We scream for the desire to show what we can do and fear is the last thing that should stop us… But it’s always the biggest wall we face. 

Until tomorrow!! 


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