Right now I’m leaning against the counter waiting for the chicken soup to finish cooking. It’s pretty exciting. The water just bubbles up and the smell is so good! Anyways I was looking through some old videos and took a screenshot of it. I was acting on this one. I put the serious face on. I was bringing the drama role to the table and at the time I thought I was incredible! I was even saying I can perferom right next to Leo and would rock it! I would even steal the show! So young, so naive. 

As I look at this cringe worthy performance two things come to mind. I am really glad that I’m behind the camera and I’m impressed by how much I’ve grown. Not in size… Although a few pounds on the waist is not something I’m too excited about. But I’ve grown as a filmmaker. I’m learning how I want to tell my stories and how much of a positive message I can put out there. 

We grow. It’s what we do. We learn and adapt and we gain incredible experiences from what we do. Some painful others amazing but none the less all incredible. You see it’s through those challenges that we are faced with that define who we are as a person. It tells us how much we’ve learned from our mistakes and how we can be better. I’ll see you Monday! 


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