Walk through town.

Okay so here’s the thing, we are in need of some vacation time! Some down time that gets us away from absolutely everything in this world. So far the saying is when you work hard you don’t play hard, you keep working hard cause you’re a damn adult and somewhere along the wondrous journey of life you managed to get bills that now need to be paid. I miss avatar the last Airbender. That show was great and also at the time I didn’t have to worry so much about adulting.

Don’t get me wrong there are great perks to almost being thirty. This is really just taking the time to repair the mind, soul and body. To fuel the desire to be motivated again. To explore places I haven’t yet set my eyes on. I want to tell stories and I’ve forgotten the most important rule in order to be a great story teller. I’ve forgotten what it is to LIVE.

I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be scared, to be excited, to be inspired by the people I meet along my travels. It’s hard to follow a dream and then want to follow another dream at the same time. Working towards what you want the most is exhausting. You work hard and you miss out on the little things that make life beautiful. We scream we party hard! But it doesn’t fill the desire for more. At least at my age I’m no longer entertained by meaningless drunk nights and dancing on a dance floor so small that I can almost taste everyone’s sweat.

Now I want more. I want the world. I want to hike the tallest mountain and swim through the bluest sea. I want the cabin in the woods and the house by the sea. I want to taste the most exotic of foods from the fanciest kitchens to the best street food in town. We want more. For me that’s the purpose of life. To see the world and have the most insane stories to tell! I’ll see you Monday!



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