Fight alone or fight together?

I was thinking a lot about life today. That’s a lie. I was actually thinking about my fears. They’re quite powerful. They sometimes dominate my mind to a point where I feel that I’m alone in this world.  It also makes me think of Fettuccini Alfredo. I really want some Fettuccini Alfredo right about now.

Fears are something fascinating. It says a lot about a person. you put them under what they fear the most and their true personality comes out. Its a test that we face through every single time. I walked the lonely road for a while. I thought to myself that if I face my fears alone, I can conquer anything that stands in my way, but it makes you cold to the world… It makes it a very lonely path as well.

Of course that has changed a lot. I’ve learned and evolved. I put my faith in people and even though people disappoint me sometimes there are those who are good in this world… Or at least they try. I’ve also come to depends on others for certain things. The road isn’t as lonely anymore when you can share your fears and learn to over come them.

I’m glad that I can dream bigger, take bigger risks and be more daring. I know how to do all those things alone and I’ve realized it’s a bigger challenge to do those things along with someone else… Not because they slow you down, but because they push you into more challenges, they push you to be better, they push you to exceed your limitations and you do they same for them. Alone we can succeed, but together we can conquer.



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