Night Sky

People screaming in the distance. Kids laughing, others talking, I’m there helping to shoot a music video. Everyone is in their own world until the DJ anounces that it’s time to light the lanterns. All of a sudden everyone is in the same world. Everyone is getting ready to let go.

Oh we were scrambling to get the lanterns lit and have them fly! It would’ve been the perfect shot for this video. A magical moment, one to remember for a very long time. The lanterns started flying into the air, and we were still trying to get one of them lit. Don’t worry, we got the shot.

Finally we get one lit and try to get it into the air and as luck was on our side it flies up high! I see it join the rest of the lanterns and in that moment I witness something beautiful. Hundreds of lanterns fill up the sky. I’m left speechless. I find myself in a different place for a moment. Was this heaven? Is this what true peace feels like? And as more lanterns took to the sky I kept thinking about love… I wanted to be home, or better yet, I wanted her by my side.  Until tomorrow.



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