Rainy days

I need better rain gear. I can feel the water reaching my skin. Also my boots broke so now I feel like I’m Jesus walking on water. Also there was no parking in the morninng, also my bag ripped, also I was late, also it’s raining! What a morning!

Sometimes life is like “hey you know what’s funny?” Then it proceeds to completely messing with you to see how long it takes for you to have a mental break down. I think I have a handle on things… Then again I have been staring at my wall for 15 minutes… And laughing at it.

No matter how crazy your day starts, know that you’ll get through it. Know that it’ll be okay and no matter what you’ll become stronger because of it. Or get weirder I think I get weirder. Until next time 🙂 also this picture is nice, has nothing to do with the topic which is probably an example of where my day was going.


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