Amongst the craziness of it all, there’s this moment I’ve come to find very satisfying. It happens when theres a set up change and everyone is scrambling around trying to get things ready for the upcoming shot! I hear over walkie “media swap!” Roll 100 is up. I peel the tag for the card so slowly, so carefully as to not anger the filmmaking Gods. Even though all rolls are important, roll 100 is… Well it’s a good roll.

There’s this little celebration during the champagne roll. The glasses are filled, the snap chats are being created and the pics for Instagram are being edited. People laugh, the craziness stops for a few moments, deep breaths are being inhaled. I look around and see a room full of talented people who have worked hard to get this far in the project. It’s a small reminder of how a group of strangers become a film set family.

It’s one of my favorite parts of the set life. I always look forward to it and each one becomes more special than the last. Now I’ll take a deep breath and pass out on my pillow until tomorrow!


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