Creepy Eyes

The AD has called lunch! Oh what happy music to my ears! Finally a chance to stuff my face. I usually listen to some music during the lunch period. It distracts my mind from madness and for several minutes I have the chance to completely eradicate any stress level crap. I don’t like bringing stress home. As I enjoy my food I have this awkward feeling that something is watching me. Great, what the hell can be ruining lunch time!

It was Lucy. Well her name isn’t Lucy. I gave her that name because it was the first name that popped into my head. Plus she feels like a Lucy. (No offense to any Lucy’s out there). My phone was playing some Bach, it was quite nice. Then when I had the feeling of someone’s eyes on me and I slowly raised my head. Somehow the song skips and Gangsters paradise begins to play. Up against the window I see Lucy, the armless doll with her head tilted towards me. Her plastic body was hidden behind these white curtains thin enough to be able to see through them.

There she was. Staring at me. Her lifeless eyes making eye contact with mine. My food no longer tasted very good. Not sure if there’s a lesson on this one. I simply wanted to write about the creepy doll that stared me down during lunch. It distracted me from everything the rest of the day. Creepy bastard. I’ll see you Monday!


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