The magical moment

Ill tell you about this magical moment that happens on set. It happens after the scene has been slated and the director has called action. It’s usually a wonderful feeling on the first day of set and even after the 15th day, it is still quite magical. On the first take I usually watch what’s happening in the scene. On the second take I watch everyone else.

I watch the faces that are looking at the scene in action. I see some of them nodding because they may have missed something and others smiling because the scene is coming to life or something funny happened, but all faces are on actors. The room is silent and the performance carries on. It’s as though we are transported into the storys world and we have front row seats to it all.

I enjoy that moment. It’s one of the reasons why I love this industry. The passion behind each person I work with is something remarkable. You enjoy everyone’s company and begin to feel a little sad when you know the end is just around the corner. I suppose that for now I’ll enjoy each day as much as I can before I have to say “until the next project”.



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