I stand in the station waiting for my train to arrive. I grab my headphones, spend 2 minutes untangling them like an idiot. Finally after the cord is free and I have my victory laugh afer winning the great cord battle of 2017, I plug it into my phone and press play. Oh my do I feel the beat echo through out my body. My foot starts tapping. My head starts bopping. My hips start shaking and I start my day dancing. Now picture this. A man in his late 20s wearing a red and grey bookbag, hair a complete mess, clothes looking like hell and he’s dancing to that Aerosmith song that you simply cannot ignore. In my head I’m the coolest guy at that train station.

As soon as I opened my eyes I was standing at that station, people staring at me as though I had sacrificed a goat to bring upon the Apocalypse. Lucky for me the train had arrive and normal life began again. I sat down, stared outside the window, arrived to the station and headed to set. I wrap set and headed back home. I didn’t dance. I lightly rocked my head, i was tired, it was early and I wanted nothing more than to sleep. Lera being amazing as always has something prepared. Tomorrow, the same thing will happen. Except this time… I’ll rock to some Led Zeppelin.

I’ve come to realize that the world is getting old around me. I like to rock to music sometimes, it pumps me for my day. Gets me excited. Gets me going. I don’t think that will ever end. I can be 95 and still shake my cracking hips to some good music. But people stare me down as though I’ve come from a different era. It’s just dancing, it’s fun, it’s living, its life, it’s the little things that makes me endure the normality of life. When did people forget to let lose, to rock to the beat of the music, to read a book that makes them feel alive, to smile each morning because there’s a morning to have!

Somewhere along the line something happened that caused us to forget what fun life can be. I at times have no money because everything goes towards things of importance but even then I’m happy, I’m happy for the simple fact that I wake up, rock to the beat that makes my soul quake and work a job that makes me eyes see different stories. Come home to a family that makes me feel like everything is possible. Somewhere we lost the knowledge of what life is. Maybe it’s time to bring it back. Maybe it’s time to live a little again. Believe me it’ll make anything that’s thrown at you that much easier to endure. Just follow the example of Thor. Eat, poop, play and repeat. Until next time


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