I remember when I was young, the film industry was nothing more than this fantasy world where magic happens. It was a place where people could fly and killer robots would try to kill you. Unattractive men somehow got the girl and asshole people would learn a valuable lesson in life that would change them into perfect human beings. Love stories made you believe that love isn’t that painful. Anything is possible. I loved that. Hearing that anything is possible meant that my wildest stories we’re one “ACTION” away. What a kid I was. Also this was three years ago.

Closing in to three years in this industry I know for a fact that I still have so much to learn. That’s why I love sets. I get to see how this world is created. How the pieces are put into place. It isn’t a world that’s created from magic and I’m not disappointed by that fact.

Sets are created by Production designers. People who share the same wildest ideas. They shape an empty room into the world the Director wants to see. They create this world that feels real, that feels impossible yet you’re standing there in the middle of it and think to yourself… “Damn”.

In the first set I ever step on I knew that my stories could be possible. I felt inspired by their work and even now, I continue to feel the same way. I continue to feel as though it’s my first set. My eyes sparkle and my face has this big stupid smile as though I’ve seen something that words could not explain. I feel the butterflies flapping their wings in my stomach. I’m back to being a kid again living the dream! For three years the feeling has stayed the same. I think it’s something that won’t change. If it ever does, it would be a sad day I’m my career. Until next time.


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