The Smell of a set

Let me tell what it feels like. The night before you prep your bag of items that will be used on set. I usually question my equipment for several minutes wondering why I haven’t got better stuff… or why I’m not more successful. After a few moments of self loathing I finish packing my kit and I’m as excited as I was when I was about to start the first grade! That’s right I was into school! Smart is sexy baby! (I lost a bit of respect for myself writing that and decided to go ahead and leave it on there, because why not?)

The first day  arrives and you grab your stuff, jump on the train, bump into several awkward people who are WAY into their Kmart brand suit, you curse at the subway Gods for ruining your commute with a sh!t ton of delays and then run like a crazy man who looks like he shouldn’t be running and arrive to set. obviously you take 5 desperately huge long breath hoping that no one noticed you run. you great new faces and share a smile and a memory with the faces you already know. you grab breakfast and now the truck must be unloaded.

You spend the next several hours running and moving, send a quick text and continue. Time flies. It soars, it rocket jumps, it’s unbelievable how fast time goes.

Once it’s over, you arrive home, eat something or have just enough energy to make it to your bed and you think about the people you care about or how crazy the shoot will be and finally… your alarm is waking you up and it begins all over again. And even though the same running around will happen… somehow it feels different each day. I Think I like that part he most. until tomorrow.



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