What a week. I know I haven’t posted anything this week and it’s for good reason. It’s been a week of ups and downs. happy moments followed by troubled times. choices being made, fear being induced by nightmares and my strength meter has taken a beating. I feel like I’m walking through this dark path. These little lights trying to guide but lead me in circles. Sometimes the weight of the world will come crashing down and when it crashes… it crashes hard!

Today will be a relatively short post as I am trying to understand what to do next with this craziness. I’ll explain more tomorrow. I did want to say something encouraging. When you feel the weight of the world get heavier… you use all the strength you have at your disposal. you carry it, you lift it, and you conquer it! afterwards you will be exhausted of it all and when you get to that point, well,  the best thing to do is take a trip somewhere! Until tomorrow!


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