Ripped Pants

The room is filled with somewhat screaming fans. The stage lights are burning hot as it fills the empty room. The instruments ready to be played. The fog gives life to all the colors. The bubbles float in the air making the place a little bit more magical. I love these random gigs that take me to all these unexpected places. I enjoy it even more when my pants rip in the middle of set.

That’s right, you read it correctly. I ripped my damn pants in the middle of set. and it wasn’t even on the back side which I would’ve been okay with because I was wearing a rather long sweater, nope the universe had other plans. My pants ripped right down the crotch area. To make matters even more interesting I had gone commando because laundry was on my list of things to do.

Oh boy, everything was hanging out. I tried to fix it with gaffers tape and for a while it worked but the tape started peeling and well I started feeling fresh air in areas I should be feeling air. I had to quickly move my pouch over the ripped area and it worked for the rest of the gig. It was very classy.

Also this is a reminder to all that Laundry is important to do. If you don’t, you’ll land up like me, changing lenses, swapping batteries while wearing pants that have a giant whole in them and the only thing saving you and strangers from having an unexpected peep show is an A.C. pouch. until tomorrow.


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