She Passed.

I was pacing back and forth on the side walk. I kept checking my phone to see the time. “two minutes, good she is still driving.” There was this odd feeling in my stomach. I was nervous. I could only imagine what she was going through. I looked towards the skies and I stared at my dirty white shoes. “How are you doing.” I look up and I see this kind old man.

He noticed that I was a bit nervous and started up a conversation with me. “First time?” he asked. “No, fourth time. I honestly don’t know why I’m so nervous. I know she is going to pass.” I said. He told me about his daughter and how it was her first time with the exam. He was nervous too. We had a nice chat. I realized that we get scared of many things and sometimes to over come it, you need to share that fear with others.

I see our car pull up. I say my goodbye’s with the gentleman and head towards the car. I still feel nervous. In the distance I can see the instructor leave the car. I see her look over a piece of paper. Her face serious. She isn’t moving. she isn’t looking up. I start to run towards the car fearing the worst.

“Are you okay?” I asked. She continues to look into this yellow paper. She studies every word on that list. She continues to show no emotion. “I guess I passed” She responds. I smiled. I was relieved. It hasn’t hit her yet. Eventually it did.

We celebrated by eating breakfast in Ihop. We celebrate the little victories in our lives. We smile and eat omelettes because its the right thing to do. We cherish those tiny victories because once we get to that big win… oh it’s so much sweeter. It’s motivation to keep going, to never give up on what’s worth fighting for! Until tomorrow!


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