The bass was thunderous. I could feel my insides tremble as the drums grew louder and louder. The dancers glided through the dance floor as the colors of the stage changed with each passing movement. The crowd was cheering. Each performance was spectacular.

I remember a moment when I was standing there in front of this stage. There were this musicians playing classical music or music from certain Bollywood films, and I… I don’t know where I was. I remember thinking to myself that it was time. Time for what I wasn’t to sure of, but I was also ready to stop letting my life be brought down by things I cannot control.

I feel like that’s one of the most annoying things to overcome. It makes me forget about the events in my life that are pushing forward, the change that is being created in front of me, but it goes unnoticed because my head becomes filled with what’s not changing. And I know that I cannot change these events because it’s not up to me, but still my head says, “There is something you can do, you’re just not looking hard enough.” When I cannot find it, it brings me down. It makes me feel as though I’m not  capable enough.

Do not forget about the good in your life. Do not ignore the small and big changes that are causing a positive effect in your life. Accept that there are things that are beyond your control and the best way to deal with them is to work around them. build your world, change what you can control and sooner or later you’ll find yourself conquering the unchangeable. I needed to get that out! Thanks for reading. Until tomorrow!


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