I can remember a time when there was no troubles in my world. I can remember the quiet days, I can remember my life filled with hope and dreams. I can remember when there was innocence in my life, before the corruption of society, before I had the need to show others I can be part of the cool crew. I remember a time when my life had peace in it. I now realize that peace never existed. Peace was an illusion… my life was never peaceful. I just didn’t know how cruel the world could be. When I discovered it…I had to say goodbye to peace.  I had to say goodbye to the man who thought being good was the answer. I said goodbye to a man who fell for the lies of people that never had good intentions to begin with. I said goodbye to innocence. So, who am I now?

I am a man who believes in both good and evil. I am a man who believes in finding a balance in what we do. Too much kindness makes you blind to those who need help, too much emptiness makes you forget that you’re human. Too much success makes makes life boring, too many failures makes life feel worthless. Too much love makes the world a dream and too much pain makes the world a nightmare. Too much Power makes you a dictator and no power at all makes you insignificant.

Unfortunately I like the illusion of peace. I like the idea that it can be possible to overcome everything that’s wrong in the world and correct it. I can scream and convince others to my cause, but even then somehow something new will rise to challenge it.

So I sit. I stare into the ocean. I see the clouds and feel the water. I close my eyes and feel the wind. I sit and for a brief moment in my life, I get to experience peace…

This was something I wrote a very long time ago. funny thing is I still agree with a lot of it. except what brings me peace now is the family I protect. Until later today!


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