Day 2


The soles on my shoes wear down faster than usual. step by step I take and my eyes close, my ears open and there is no rumbling sound in the distant. there’s no wind blowing and there’s no shake on the platform. my eyes immediately open and I walk towards the edge. The rats scattering to their holes, the water so brown it’s nearly black.  I pray to the subway Gods and lift my head… There’s nothing. No train on sight. Damn  you Subway Gods.

I’ve missed the days where my body felt tired. I’ve missed the rush, the adrenaline of moving fast and being efficient. I’ve missed the yelling and the occasional miscommunication. I’ve missed the rivers of sweat my body would produce and my shirt absorbing it all that it would leave this nice sweat necklace around me for the rest of the day. Day two was a lighter day and it had me missing all the rush. I have a later call time today and from what I hear… it’ll be one crazy day.

So here’s a little piece of advice. Enjoy the downtime you have and face the moments of craziness with a smile; because no matter what you do, you’ll always miss one or the other. and when the season is slow, you’ll miss both. Until later today!


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