Day One

I’m moving down the stairs as quickly as I can to hand of a needed piece to the first A.C. I feel the sweat rush down my forehead like a water fall. I feel the heat rise as I move faster through set trying to get the items needed to get the shot going. My glasses become conprimised by the massive drops of sweat that fire from my head and In all that rush I could only think of one thing… why the hell did I wear such a heavy button down shirt!!

Day one on a set is such a pain. It’s the day where everything goes bananas (yes that’s right I used that word) everything becomes hectic and it gives you an idea of what’s to come. It lets you prepare for the next day which still has it’s issues, but becomes a lot smoother than day one. Oh day one you meet new people and see familiar faces. And then you become happy because they are very cool people to work with. Day One is the most tiring day. 

After you wrap you feel like death. You feel as though you cannot do any more days on this set… but you’ll get up, get ready and head to day 2. At this moment I’m on my way home. I’m tired, I’m sweaty, I smell, my eyes seem to want to jump out of my head. But I’m excited for day two. I’m excited for the fun.


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