Monday Night


So comes to an end the first day of what I feel will be a fun crazy week. I take a deep breath and imagine how to better prepare myself for what’s to come. The peace before the madness. The classical music playing in the background, the sound of the keyboard keys clacking away, the ice cracking in my cup of cold oj… oh what sweet sound.  I enjoy these little things in my life. It makes me happy, it clears my head. It gets me ready for whats to come.

Tomorrow I begin the next film project as a Second Assistant Camera. From what I’m told, it’ll be crazy, fun and to be honest, I’m quite excited for it all… and I’m also a bit nervous. its always the same with each project that I begin. The night before it begins I get this feeling that I might mess something up or perhaps I wont’t be good enough for the project. I usually overcome it by telling myself not to be an idiot.

You’ll never truly know what you’re capable of until you stop being afraid and do what you never expected to do.  So start your new job with courage. Start that new opportunity with a good kind of nervous. The type of nervous that makes you want to be better. What a peaceful night it has been. Until Tomorrow


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