I decided to take some days off because I didn’t know what day I was on. And when you don’t know what day you’re in, it’s a big sign that maybe you’re going crazy. I spent time with family, slept a total of 6hours per day which was magic… But I suppose the days I considered heavenly would have to come to an end. I thought to myself what better way to start the week with a musical. We went to watch Kinky Boots. I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of a good musical. 

As I was watching the performers sing and dance, they happened to deliver a very powerful message about dreams and much more that it left me inspired for something bigger. I’ve been feeling helpless, filled with fear of the incoming future. It’s a feeling I hate and one that is never easy to overcome. All I do is try to help those I can. It’s in my nature to be kind and friendly to all I meet. Im one of those who believe that there is good in others and believe me I’ve been disappointed by many plenty of times. But I walked out feeling inspired.

I feel inspired to stay strong. I feel inspired to become the storyteller I know I can be. I feel inspired to be there for those who need me, to be there for my family. I wouldn’t know what to do without those two. I’m inspired to reach levels of skill I’ve only dreamed off. I take a deep breath and and tell myself, the challenge has just begun, the journey is about to get crazy, the adventure is going to drive me insane and I will overcome it and defeat it and this time… Not by myself… This time I’m not alone on this journey… And damn, it feels good. Until tomorrow! 


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