The long nights

It’s one thirty in the morning, my mind and soul still don’t fully understand the concept of overnights. I don’t think it ever will. I’m sitting in my car waiting for lunch to be over and begin prepping for the next scene. I miss dreaming. Every night after we wrap, as the rest of the world is starting their day, I’m finishing it. I arrive home and tell myself, a quick shower some breakfast and then go to bed. It never pans out. As soon as my big ass touches my bed, I’m out cold snoring louder than a ships horn. 

The nights feel long. Even though the set is busy, those nights still feel long. It’s small windows of opportunity where you can close your eyes and get as much sleep as possible for anout 15 seconds. You maybe be thinking that it’s impossible… I assure you that 15 seconds of sleep can give us at least half an hour of strength. I’m sure the science behind it is somewhere on the internet.

Though every time I arrive to set again, there’s this moment I have. It’s a moment I’ve been having a lot. Time freezes and I’m standing in front of it all. I still cannot believe that I’m here. I still can’t believe that I’m being part of something that one day will be seen by so many. I’m part of a story that was but a simple thought and now it’s evolving. No matter the number of sets that I’ve been on, I’m grateful that it still feels like the first. 

I’ll probably post something later in as well. This was supposed to go up for Thursday but overnights throw my schedule everywhere! Till later my friends!


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