A Tired Man


Monday has come to an end. I am exhausted and all I want to do is sleep. I want to sleep for several days.  Fortunately the week continues and I must carry on. Mondays I like. to me it means that I’ve made it through another week. I’m lucky enough to start another one that will feel repetitive but always has a bit of spark here and there.

To be honest I’m waiting on that adventure to start. You see every time I close my eyes I can only see this one image. I see clouds. I feel wind. I feel the warmth of the sun and the chill of the night. I’m flying to my next destination. and then I wake up. It’s the cruel joke of life.

I can almost see it again. I see it in this glass. I suppose that I’m becoming delusional and I’m in need of some serious rest or perhaps I am seeing this adventure play out. Ladies and gentlemen, The longer you wait for something to start in your life, the faster you’ll go mad.

oh adventure adventure… where are you… I’m in need of you… I miss you. Come back to me adventure. Please don’t forget about me, please remember me, please take me with you…

– The Tired Man.


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