The Focus Puller

The night is quite clear. I can see a few stars in the night sky. The 1k light makes it difficult to see more. I’m currently in the middle of an overnight. I miss my wife, I miss my bed and I miss the quiet. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy long nights when it’s for the sake of the story… But tonight I simply miss the quiet. 

Anyways  to the point of tonight’s post.

 The thing is that life is messy. It truly is. It’ll never be clean, it’ll never be clear. It’ll never be easy. To be honest, that for me is the fun part of everything. It’s an unexpected ride of wins and failures that ultimately teach me something amazing about life. It’s your choice to leave it blurry and out of focus. It’s also your choice to make it clear.

Ladies and gentlemen what we decide and what we choose shapes everything in our lives. I’ve written this message before and I will keep on writing it. It’ll always be true. So get out there and do something with your life. If you’re happy with what you have now, that’s great you’ve reached a level that many of us look forward to reach. I don’t think I’ll ever reach it. I don’t think I want to. 
I think I want to always have an adventure that’ll teach me something and then when it’s all over, the next adventure is already waiting for me to tackle. Until tomorrow everyone! 


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