The set. 

There’s the oh damn moment in every set when something completely unexpected happens and all you can really say is “oh damn”. Others would probably use big boy words like “holy f#$king sh!+ Did that just happen.” Personally I’m a classy kind of guy… Who occasionally says sh!+. 

For the next several days I’ll be posting plenty of posts of my days on set. I’m currently working a feature film that’s surprised in more ways than one. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to say much of what the film is about but I can gaurantee that crazy sh!+ Happens a lot. All I’ll say is drugs, I’ll let your imagination do the rest. 

I’ll tell you this, it’s always nice being able to see new locations. As crazy as some of these films are… They have taken me to parts of New York I wouldn’t normally set foot in. It takes me to places that almost feel like an entirely different country. It takes me to places where the people are so different, so in tuned to their own culture that it allows me to learn from them. I live for this. I live for where the story takes me. 

I expect craziness from every set I step into… And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ll see you all tomorrow!


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