The Artist. 

This isn’t me, this is the sound guy I’m currently working with. First of all I have a strong believe that my glasses are cursed. Second I just arrived home and sat down in my chair while Frasier plays in the background (yes I’m cool like that). And third of all, I’m starving. 

It seems that every time I start a new project, my glasses seem to play the victim. They have cracked and snapped and cracked again. I’ve super glued them so much that… I don’t have something witty to finish that thought, I am tired after a long day on set! I’m pretty sure that the day is coming near where I’ll have to lay my glasses to rest. In the mean time I’ll have to find that super glue again. Im not entirely sure why I needed to share this, I just felt that it needed to be shared. Moving on. 

You know there is beauty in what we do. With each project we learn something a little different. We learn how to adapt to each job that we do. I’ve come realize that the life of the artist is a beautiful one. Sure we struggle with nearly everything that we do… But there’s satisfaction when we reach the finish line. I usually take a deep breath. 

It usually happens when the last scene of the film is coming to an end. I smile knowing that I did what I could. I smile remembering the crazy days and the long nights. I smile at the new friendships that blossom from the days spent together during the film. I also smile knowing that it’ll be a while before I see them again. Then a loud cut followed by “ITS A WRAP” fills the air. 

People begin clapping and then quickly rush to get out because well, we know we’ll see each other at the wrap party. I help pack up camera, I say thank you for having me on set and can’t wait until the next one. I carry my equipment and then I look at set one last time. I smile one more time because, it still. Feels. New. 

I’ll go sleep now, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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