Set Life.


There are projects that start at nine am. Those are the good ones. There are projects that start at five am. Those are the terrible ones. There are projects that start at seven pm. Those are a hardcore training camp that separates the strong from the weak and then the strong eat the weak as a snack while they clean camera with the blood of their enemies…

Each project taught me to be stronger. I learned from some very talented people who showed me the ropes and help me develop my work ethic and skills. Each project taught me to open my mind more to different types of stories. Each set I set foot in was a brand new world filled with possibility. I’m filled with motivation and inspiration that lasts through out the entire project… well, almost. Usually by the final two days my body and soul realize that it’s almost wrap time and likes to do this thing I hate called “Let me ruin your day” I’m usually hit by the realization that I’ll be able to get a bit of rest. unfortunately my body decides to take the break in advance. Good job me.

Set life as a freelancer brings me to all sorts of stories being told. from comedies to hardcore dramas filled with violent ends. It’s a world I never thought I would be a part of. A world that I adore. Each day I want to learn more, I want to meet more people who I always believe must have amazing stories. With each day I can feel that I’m closer to me being able to tell my own stories through film. I can’t wait until people see these insane ideas and dreams the swim through my head. Set life has become my life. Its a crazy life… and I’m excited to where it will take me! until Monday!


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