Happy Birthday!


We were riding the train going home I think. You were looking at your phone and I don’t know, you made this face and I simply needed to capture the image. It seemed as though you were pondering about the future. Perhaps it felt scary, the future usually is. I wanted to know what you were thinking about. what crazy plan you had in store to get to that future. you seemed fearful yet confident. Ready. Nothing was going to get in your way. That’s the thing about you. you are fearless even when you’re afraid. You are confident, even when there’s a little doubt. You are ready, even if everything is out of place.

With each passing day I see you make riskier choices, I see you become stronger, I see you become more fearless. Its inspiring. when there’s a dream that we want. when there’s something we are meant for… it shows in the way act. its powerful, it’s contagious. I know that I want to be better, reach higher goals, reach dreams that, well I always dream about. Everyday I tell you to be amazing and its not because you aren’t it’s because i just want to remind you of it, you know just in case life wants to be a bit of an asshole from time to time.

and then…


You caught me. I want to wish you a very happy birthday. I want to remind you of how extraordinary of person you are. how you have this incredible capability to bring out the best in people. to make them smile, to encourage them, to make them see a world  greater than theirs. Continue to be courageous. I’ll be there as well. you’ll probably call me a stoopid betch in the proccess (im warming up to the name.) but I’ll still be there.

More importantly, continue to smile. I’ll also help with that!



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