This is probably the most majestic picture you will ever see. Take notice of my elegant pose as I hold two baggies of my dog’s (Thor) poop looking into the distant or probably at him with eyes of betrayal for making me pick it up. As Thor is pulling at the leash trying to discover more of his surroundings, I did have the chance to stare into the ocean. For a brief second everything stopped. The waves no longer moved. Thor was mid air with his tongue fully out probably wanting to take a bite of the dead fish me and Lera found. The wind made no noise and the clouds stood still. It was beautiful. I looked into the distance and I could only think about one thing. We are so small.

This world is massive, there are countless spectacular landscapes that take ones breath away. There are people who are welcoming and show you the secrets of their lands. We are so small. We become okay with where we currently are because maybe we are too afraid to see what’s out there. I’m not. Lera’s not. Thor is not. The world is waiting for us to see it. It’s calling to us. Travel is something that we need. it flows through us like the blood in our veins.


So it’s rather tough when we are in one place for too long. There’s the feeling that nothing is moving forward and even though we guide each other through this, there is still that need to be else where. Ladies and gentlemen life isn’t black and white. it’s grey, blue, yellow, red and  sometimes green. It’s wanting something and discovering something we didn’t even think we would need. I can only take a deep breath and continue pushing towards my goals, our goals. It’s such a funny thing this dream world and reality. They will never interact with each other. They will never happen simultaneously. One day you are living in a reality dreaming of what you want most and the next day you are living in a dream world afraid that one day you’ll wake up. until tomorrow my friends!


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