After the Storm

Every time that I’m about to wrap up a project, I like to take a deep breath and look at the set that I have worked on one more time before saying goodbye. Part of me is like “YES I get to sleep 6 hours instead of the usual 2” and the other part is like “I’m going to miss this place.” And even now as I write this I can only think of thebtimes spent here and I’m spreading wondering what set I’ll step in next. 

I’m in this industry for two years and every time I get to be part of a new project, i still feel like I’m stepping onto a set for the very first time. I’m still amazed every time I see the camera fully built and ready to go. I’m still amazed by the incredible professionalism of every single crew member. It makes want to better myself when I’m there. It gives me the fuel to be someone who helps production move smoothly and not be the one that slows it down. Each time I step onto a new set I’m inspired once again. Inspired to succeed and reminded why I love this world… 

I’m here to tell stories. That’s what I’m destined for. It took me some time to discover what I wanted, but once you do everything changes. Everything you are and will be is shaped by this discovery. Some do it immediately and others need a few adventures before figuring out what they’re meant for. Discover the world my friends because in doing so, you begin to learn why you were placed on this earth! Until tomorrow 🙂


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