The Crazy

I had a long weekend, that isn’t something I’m normally accustomed to. Then Tuesday came along and I found myself in the train wondering where did all this time go. And now Wednesday, I’m in the train once again wondering if I even got any sleep? The life of a freelancer is quite unpredicting. One day you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with so much happening and the next day you’re staring at memes all day. It’s difficult to plan anything out because at any moment something can come up. We forfeit our lives in order to have the dream job we want. We sacrifice sleep in order to tell a story we feel is worth telling and honestly… I think that’s perfectly fine with me because to us freelancers it simply means that we must live in the moment and spontaneous adventures are born from it. 

I’m currently on a set and this is all I’m allowed to show at the moment (it’s a camera). So I have to keep this short. All I want to say for today is keep crazy; people will tell you that what you do as a freelancer is insane. Those who don’t understand will call you mad and those who do understand will nod in approval. Funny thing is that to us doing what we do isn’t crazy at all… it’s life, it’s opportunities, it’s everything we work for to see art come to life, and I don’t know about all of you but to me… to me that just sounds right! See you all tomorrow! Keep crazy creative friends! 


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