apc_0005There’s chaos in this town. There’s corruption and fear. There’s the rich and poor. There’s the money maker and the dreamer. In a divided world I find myself. I stand in the middle of a road and choices are being thrown at me. If I choose one thing I miss out on the other thing that I have no idea what it may be but… I miss out on it. Am I truly in a world where I can choose freely or is this the illusion of choice?

Sometimes I like seeing the world from a distance. It’s pretty and hopeful. It shields you from the truth that’s hidden behind its walls.  I’m free to admire it, and free from its rules. Though once I’m inside; once I step onto its grey concrete sidewalks, I am slaved to its will. I work, I struggle, I tell myself that it’s for a better future, I barely make rent and I’m insulted by those who act like they’ve never seen a man from a different country. I became trapped and my choices became less.

It is pretty to look at… quite a sight if you ask me…


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