I am a man of many words. You can ask people and they’ll agree and go on to say that I can never seem to shut up. I usually take that as a funny compliment. Then I decided to sit down and write a piece about the one who is crazy. I took several pictures of her but this one was the one that left me without words. I found myself staring into my computer screen… and I had nothing to say, my mind went empty. Honestly I blame her eyes for this, but I found myself unsure of what to say. I felt that saying the usual things that we hear such as Shes strong, independent, incredible, passionate, talented… well it felt like it wasn’t enough.

But I do think its her eyes. When I look into them I see a powerful soul and one that has been through pain in the past. Yet with all that’s happened to her she stands tall, with fear and without fear. She see’s a future that’s full of possibilities. She smiles and somehow it brings out the best in people. Many of us out there forget how powerful women are. Women out there even forget the power that they have in their hands.

I think it’s definitely those eyes. It’s rather difficult to look away. All I want to do is keep looking into those eyes.

Almost got distracted there for a moment. If you think that I wrote this entire post to simply talk about her eyes… then you are right, but again I’m left in my seat wondering what else to say, and I think that’s okay. Until next time.




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