Through the blurry Glass




I was starting my first year in this new school. I had left my old job. I had buried my old life in hopes of starting this new adventure and having it be a positive one. I was excited. I was scared. I was determined… I wanted this change to be the starting point that would guide me towards a right path and I would consider this path to be the most magical moment of my life. That first day would be the first lesson I learned in this new life I was trying to live and that lesson was “Expect life to kick your ass”.

That first day day my alarm never went off which made me 45 minutes late to my first class. It wasn’t until later that day that I realized I was wearing two different kinds of shoes, the same shirt I had worn for the past 5 days which meant I was stinking up the place with my beautifully naturally made aroma. I had forgotten my wallet and also my books. I had tripped on the stairs and hit my face on the door. That day was a complete mess. I was laughing maniacally and sobbing too. I was happy. 2014 would be the year that kicked my ass. It would test me, it would push me to my limits and it would show me what hard work was and how worth it it is to reach the finish line. I won that year and came out stronger than ever.

You see bad things happen to us. some are unfair and others are well deserved. its not something we can control. What makes the difference is our incredible capability to make the best of the situation we are presented with. We learn and we adapt. We grow and evolve and break through these situations with an open mind and the courage to take the next risk. We are survivors, We are creators, We are capable of great change. That is what makes us human. Until next time.


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